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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

By: for on July 9, 2017
Health & Science
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An adult body consists of 60% water. We need to constantly replenish to ensure we’re hydrated and fully-functioning. We can go without food for several weeks, but a body without water will not survive for more than a few days. It’s a life source, and the importance of drinking water regularly cannot be over-emphasised.

The best way to ensure you get enough, is to start the day with a cup of warm or hot water. Physicians recommend starting your day this way, for a variety of reasons, including:

1) Warm Water In The Morning Has Healing Properties

Forget a cup of tea or coffee, with their tannin content, bleached tea bags, scorched coffee beans and additives (not to mention the sugar, sweeteners and whatever else). As well as being our natural life source, warm water is healing. It helps with digestion, and can reduce metabolic waste in the immune system (substances left over from excretory processes). These include nitrogen compounds, C02, sulphates etc…

Contrast this with the effects of drinking cold water (especially during or after a meal). Cold water can harden the oil in food you’ve eaten, creating fat deposits in the intestine. And even worse if you’ve added ice to the equation – this only serves to strip the water of its natural minerals, which are essential to keep the digestive tract healthy. One of the best health benefits of drinking warm water in the morning.

2) It’s An Internal Cleanser

A lovely, gentle way to get your insides working again. Liquids help food to break down in the stomach, and warm water in the morning will do this much more quickly than cold, making it easier to digest.

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