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1,000 Young People from Surat Attend Lectures by Radheshyam Das
By ISKCON Surat Communications   |  Feb 02, 2018

Over 1,000 young people from three premiere educational institutions of Surat, India, heard Radheshyam Das, President of ISKCON Pune, speak about various spiritual topics on the 22nd of January.

Radheshyam Das, who is one of ISKCON’s pioneering youth outreach leaders, spoke on subjects such as: building bonds of trust, awakening leadership abilities, and true freedom.

“The students were totally engrossed by the gravity of the spiritual topics, and the practical nature of the philosophy they could apply in their academic lives,” explained one of the organizers, Ram Lila Das from the ISKCON Youth Forum. “He enthralled the audience with witty anecdotes, philosophical points and practical examples. Many trustees of the three educational institutions and faculty members also attended, and were most appreciative of Radheshyam Das’ deep insights and powerful delivery.” 

The faculties from the three colleges are planning to visit the ISKCON temple in Jahngirpura as a result of the interest generated after the lectures.


“The fact that Radheshyam Das is highly academically qualified also helps,” explained Akshar Brahm Das, another organizer of the lectures. “The fact that he is a gold medalist from IIT, which is one of India’s premiere educational institutions, and has created many successful courses that promote the philosophy of the Gita in a practical manner is what makes for compulsive listening.”

Radheshyam Das also delivered lectures at three ISKCON centers in Surat, including the ones in Jahangirpura, Varachha and Vesu. At the Varachha centre, 35 copies of Srimad Bhagavatam were purchased by congregation members after they heard him speak about the importance of the Srimad Bhagavatam. 

“His visit has provided a much needed impetus to our youth outreach initiatives in Surat,” concluded Chaitanyavatar Das, who administers a residential center for 15 students practicing Krishna Consciousness at Surat’s famous SVNIT College of Engineering. “We are now planning a youth camp, regular Sunday lectures for youth at the temple and several Bhagavad-gita courses in universities and colleges across the city.”

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