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11th Annual Symposium On "Cultivation of the Human Spirit"

By: on Feb. 18, 2010
In the material world a man requires a woman, and a woman requires a man. When they are combined, they should live peacefully in Kṛṣṇa consciousness and should not be restless, like the lightning, flashing from one group of clouds to another.

Topic: Married for Life

Considerations of marriage, it's purposes, practice and making divorce an oddity.

Invitation for Participation

Organizers invite all interested persons to contact them to help with clarifying the focus and content of papers and discussions for the symposium. Please join us on our academic organizing board.


Date: 2010 September 10-12

Venue: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Organizing Committee

Director: Dr. Vivek Narain

Secretary: Prakash Raghothamachar


web: www.Bhati.Org


phone: HH Hanumatpresaka Swami @ 615-599-8424

Taking the best from the past, for application in the present, for building a better future.

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