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16 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes
By Beverly Entin   |  Oct 22, 2015
The truth is, DEET and other similar products are the most effective tools to repel mosquitoes, while there is no doubt that there are serious toxic effects of them, especially dangerous for children, as the harmful chemicals are absorbed into the body through skin, and children’s skin absorbs more DEET. So it’s worthwhile to consider natural solutions and remedies, although they are not as effective as DEET, but there are plants that repel mosquitoes as well as other insects really do help.

And also, if you plant some of the mosquito repellent plants in your garden, at the very least they will make your garden beautiful, and most of them also have other useful properties.

Drop the chemicals! Following is a collection of plants which can be a part of natural ways to control mosquitoes:

1. Basil:

This is a herb which emits aroma even without crushing its leaves, and the strong fragrances it emits repels mosquitoes. You can plant basil in your garden or can rub the crushed leaves on your skin to control the problem.

2. Neem:

Another strong mosquitoes repellent plant, it works effective to keep away the mosquitoes due to its insect repelling properties, and that’s why it is normally used in many mosquito repellent products. You can use neem oil on your skin.

3. Peppermint:

Mosquitoes and other bugs don’t like the scent of this herb, so you can rub the crushed leaves of peppermint on your skin to keep them away.

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