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1,800 Inmates of Bhondsi Jail Get Home-cooked Food

By: for The Times of India on Oct. 14, 2011
GURGAON: Wednesday was a different day for all the 1,800 inmates of Bhondsi jail. The inmates attended a spiritual session and were offered home-cooked food by ISKCON food relief foundation. The foundation took this initiative after successfully feeding midday meal to the city children in government schools. In a programme organized by the foundation in association with the traffic police, the jail authority organized an enlightening programme for inmates. The two-hour long programme started at 3.30 pm and continued for more than two hours. It started with pravachan of Sakshi Gopal Das from Kurukshetra.

"Living in material world and living in jail have no difference if you see it from spiritual point of view because in both these places one has to struggle hard and face tough time," said Das. He said the world itself is a border jail. Das appealed inmates to use their jail term as an opportunity to transform their lives. "Follow certain simple rules in life. Say no to liquor, illicit sex and gambling," he said. Jail authorities said that at the end of the program inmates expressed their desire for more such events.
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