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2015 Communications Seminar To Be Held in Radhadesh, Belgium

By: for ISKCON News on Feb. 27, 2015
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"Le Chateau de Petite Somme" where the communications conference will be held.

The 2015 Communications Seminar will be held in Radhadesh, Belgium from 30th May till 2nd June 2015.

This year, ISKCON Communications Europe invites devotees from outside of Europe as well, and important international strategies and issues will be discussed.

The seminar will be followed by a communications course from the 3rd of June till the 6th June. The course will be given by ISKCON Communications Minister Anuttama Das.

The main topic for this year's seminar is "Preaching, Undue Influence, Conversion and Religious Freedom". There will be several experts on the topics as well as senior devotees like Anuttama Das from the U.S., Shaunaka Rsi Das and Gauri Das form the U.K. 

Participants will discuss ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary plans and other strategic plans for ISKCON worldwide.

There will be 15 minutes reports by national representatives on (only) communications achievements and challenges.

There will be an outing in Brussels with interaction with NGOs, visit the European Parliament, Interfaith contacts, harinam, lunch and shopping.

The price will be subsidized and will be only 100 Euros for the seminar and 100 Euros for the course including prasadam, shared rooms and outing. Ifdevotees come to both it will be only 180 Euros.

Please register with Nanda Priya dasi at

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