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3000 Flock to Free Lunch by Hare Krishna Devotees in Fiji
By Salaseini Vosamana   |  Aug 25, 2011

Close to 3000 people in Labasa were treated to free lunch after a group of Hare Krishna devotees supplied food to the community yesterday.

The devotees prepared vegetable curries, chutneys and rice to show their love and respect for all races and religion.

Devotee and divisional health inspector Rakesh Kumar said the donation marked their respect for Lord Krishna and their love for the people all over the world.

“Today, we commemorate the visit of Lord Krishna on earth and we are happy to feed the people of Labasa,” he said.

“We don’t believe in racism and discrimination but we strongly believe in sharing and loving one another.

“This initiative is from a good heart because we know that we are fulfilling the will of our God and I think every religion has the same mission.”

Mr Rakesh said the devotees would continue their service today and had hoped to bless more unfortunate people with food.

“We will be providing lunch again today and we ask people to come in large numbers to have lunch with us,” he said.

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