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450 Delhi Youth Taste Bhakti Yoga Bliss on ‘International Yoga Day’
By Padasevan Bhakta Das   |  Jun 26, 2015

The worldwide increase of popularity of yoga inspired the United Nations to recognize 21st June as ‘International Yoga Day’. On this occasion, ISKCON’s Youth Forum (IYF) shared the bliss of bhakti yoga with Delhi youngsters through its bi-monthly youth festival called ‘Umanga’. 

The festival featured a talk on the topic entitled as ‘Yoga for modern age’ delivered by Rambhadra Das, Director of IYF Bihar and Jharkhand, a Chandigarh B.Tech diploma holder who has worked for software giant TCS.

Rambhadra Das giving a lecture

A ten-minute guest lecture was delivered by Gopal Krishna Goswami, who urged students to live a life based on the scriptures, while continuing with their studies and work. 

This was followed by a drama performance entitled as ‘Munnabhai and Guru’. It was based on two popular Bollywood-characters Munnabhai and Circuit, who giving up their unlawful business, go on a search to find a real guru.

A scene from the drama performance

The Rock Kirtan led by Radha Rasbihari Das made every participants jump up and down for a half an hour.

The festival ended with the distribution of sanctified food, or prasadam, which everyone relished as they shared their exhilarating experience with devotees. 

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