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A First-of-it’s-kind Krishna Homeschool Convention
By Sri Radhika Dasi   |  Apr 05, 2019

All are invited to a first-of-its-kind Krishna Homeschool Convention, to be held at ISKCON Chicago on Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th! 

For the first time in a decade, homeschooling-pioneer Aruddha devi dasi will be presenting a seminar with both her illustrious sons, Radhika Raman das and Gopal Hari das. However, the unique feature of this convention will be multiple panelists and presenters with experience in homeschooling. Topics to be discussed will include how to get started, social challenges, tapping into local resources, homeschooling a single child, homeschooling teenagers, successful transition to college, and many more! There will be break-out sessions to discuss challenges in homeschooling, as well as how to establish systems of support and coops within the Hare Krishna movement.

Whether you are toying with the idea of homeschooling, or have been homeschooling for many years, this convention will offer the unique opportunity of networking with devotee families who are homeschooling across North America.

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To register, please visit The registration fee is $75 for a single person attending, and $100 for the entire family. Accommodation and child care will be provided.

Questions? Please contact Sri Radhika devi dasi. Email: Cell: (872) 267-0935

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