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A New Book: The Nectar of Congregational Preaching

By: for ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry on July 19, 2013


The Nectar of Congregational Preaching is an inspirational overview of the development of Krishna consciousness among the congregational members of ISKCON. It contains insights and instructions from previous Vaishnava acharyas, and many realizations and personal accounts of success in congregational development by ISKCON Gurus, GBCs, and leading preachers. 

It is recommended reading for all devotees involved in developing congregations in ISKCON. This book is sure to keep you inspired to please the previous acharyas by spreading Lord Caitanya’s mercy far and wide. 

"Srila Prabhupada said, “Training is needed.” That training is fulfilled by congregational preaching, which emphasizes small group cultivation of people, and training in the principles of devotional service. The Nectar of Congregational Preaching highlights how congregational preaching is one of the frontiers that Srila Prabhupada opened."  - Jayapataka Swami, Co-Minister of ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

"Many other direct instructions on ISKCON’s community development are found throughout Srila Prabhupada’s books and speeches. This present volume attempts to make at least some of them known and appreciated for what they represent: priceless shining gems illuminating the path of building all over the world active, healthy and merciful spiritual communities of loyal followers of Srila Prabhupada." - Kaunteya Das, Co-Minister of ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

The book is available for o 4.00 USD at

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