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A Woman Empowered by Krishna - Poetry

By: for ISKCON News on March 10, 2017

Queen Draupadi from the Mahabharata

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.5 says: “To insult a chaste woman means to bring about disaster in the duration of life.”

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata prove the above statement true, as Draupadi and Mother Sita had the whole dynasties destroyed, when men of those dynasties dared to dishonor temple like bodies of these women. In modern society, is a woman’s body considered that sacred? Do Duryodhans and Duhshasans of this world, really have to try hard to see a naked woman? And most importantly does anyone care to learn from scriptures that showing off one’s bare body publicly can get you a body of a tree in next life?

Body can be an instrument for spiritual elevation or degradation. We need to choose our role models wisely. Srimad Bhagavatam (SB 1.13.3-4) states that by fixing their minds eternally on lotus feet of Krishna, women like Draupadi are gloriously present as ‘Goddesses of fortune’ in heavenly planets after departing this world. Unfortunately, the youth role models ruling the hearts of millions on social media, television and internet are the most ignorant and misguided ones and hence can actually be called the 'Goddesses of misfortune' for themselves as well as others.

In this age of Kali yuga, when crimes against women are on the rise, we need to remember that Lord Narsimhadev saved Prahlad Maharaj, Lord Narayana saved Gajendra and Lord Krishna saved Draupadi because these were great devotees of the Lord. One of the names of Krishna is 'Achyuta', that is He never fails in His affection for His devotees. Be a woman that Krishna comes to save, in this lifetime and the next.

Let's make this day International Women’s ‘Krishna Conscious’ day. Enlighten every woman about the glories of devotional service to Krishna today. A woman empowered by Krishna, is the woman most powerful! That’s the message my poem is trying to convey. 


A tree's soul speaks its story the gravest

Prisoner in the body, for duration, the longest.

Still and unconscious, immovable and restricted 

Bears scorching heat and winters the coldest.

Skinned & cut without anesthetic,

Suffers in silence, cursed and ill-fated.

 Awaits those, human beings immodest

 Who disrobe themselves by choices unwisest

 The body of a tree, as punishment strictest

At the end of one’s life, as karma's verdict.


Body as a temple, jeweled with shyness

Is a symbol of purity and spiritual highness.

Once upon a time in an assembly of lewdest

A woman got trapped, who was chaste and wisest.

Draupadi was her name, she was the dearest

Wife of five warriors, Pandavas the bravest.


By Krishna’s will that day, her devotion devoutest

Was subjected to test, in a moment fiercest

When she was lost in a gambling match, wiliest.


Dragged into the assembly by scoundrels, the basest

Who insulted her with words, the harshest

And then wished to see her beauty barest.


Her cries to her helpless husbands, were fruitless  

Her cries to her elders fell on ears, the deafest

Having witnessed the assembly, unkindest

She tried saving herself, in an effort the vainest.


She then cried out to Supreme Lord, the kindest,

Strength of the strong, and shelter of the weakest.

O Govinda!, O Kesava!, when she chanted the loudest

He rushed to her rescue, becoming her sari lengthiest.

A woman empowered, by savior, the greatest

Saved sanctum sanctorum, her body divinest.


Her insulters punished by karma, the fairest

Were killed gruesomely by her husbands mightiest.

Women of that dynasty faced widowhood, gloomiest

As silent men of that assembly faced death, untimeliest.


In these modern times, the strangest

Skimpy clothes are the ones costliest

Making Duryodhan and Duhshasan like men, merriest

As the sight of a bare woman, is no longer rarest.


Scanty clothes make women, the boldest

And modest ones are called, the timidest.

Youth role models are shameless and richest

And pious and virtuous live a life poorest.


Ignorance is considered excuse, the lamest,

So save yourself from maya, the trickiest,

That deludes sinful to believe, they are smartest,

But drags them down to hellish planets, the darkest.

Why not be a woman savviest, 

That Krishna comes to save, 

Be it next life or the latest! 


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