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Advisors and Politicians Today And In Ancient Times
By Sankirtana Das   |  Oct 20, 2012

What’s with these US politicians signing pledges not to raise taxes? And why do some want to sacrifice Big Bird on the economic altar? If we have to sacrifice someone, why not the lobbyists?

But nobody wants to touch the lobbyists. Why is entitlement for lobbyists good, but entitlement for seniors bad? Why do we tolerate the lobbyists? Of course, the lobbyists are the one’s really writing the country’s legislation nowadays (not our elected politicians). That means they have the laws tilted to the advantage of big business. So where is the government “of the people, by the people, for the people?” Does this apply any more or is it just a myth?

In the Vedic culture the leaders had advisors. But the advisors were totally impartial. They didn’t care about profit for themselves. They cared about upholding the Dharma. That was their contribution to society. So if politicians want to sign pledges, let them sign a pledge to have nothing to do with the lobbyists. This would be a good start. Then maybe the lawmakers could really become lawmakers.

And while they’re at it, the lawmakers could also sign a pledge not to participate in insider trading. On Wall Street, insider trading could get you a jail sentence or at least a stiff fine. But not the politicians. Talk about entitlement! They can, and do, take advantage of the information that they are privy to in their committee meetings and as they cast influential legislation. Are they entitled to think about making extra money for themselves while they’re supposed to be working for us? What would your boss do if he/she caught you working for yourself while you’re on the job?

And the medical plans for politicians? Why should they be entitled to special plans for the rest of their lives even if they only serve on the Capitol Hill for five years? When’s the last time you held on to you’re medical plan after you left your job? Let’s get a comprehensive medical plan for everybody – or for nobody – including the politicians. Unresolved or ambiguous medical situations take an invisible toll on the country. Politicians telling people to go to the emergency rook is no solution. All of us pay for it in one way or another.

Down with entitlements for politicians! Don’t let politicians 1) be controlled by or morph into lobbyists 2) don’t let them make extra money for themselves while they’re working for us 3) don’t let then walk away with medical plans after they leave the job.

The Vedic culture shows that governments can work. In this ancient culture, the leaders are beholden to the principles of the Dharma. They are not immune from the law. The leaders often made the biggest sacrifices rather than simply asking others to take on the burdens. Unfortunately, the governments of the world have now degenerated into societies of cheaters and the cheated. If politicians had to scramble like many folks, they might start working together pretty quickly to find solutions.

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