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Agri-ecology Experience Transforms Lives
By IMCPA   |  Jul 02, 2022


Today there is an increasing awareness of environmental and ethical dealings with the planet and the food production chain, there is a call to reintegrate with Mother Earth and bring spirituality to the heart of this understanding.

The introduction of positivism into science and technology has led to the widespread adoption of the paradigm of industrial agriculture. This type of agriculture currently represents 30% of the world’s food supply. It accounts for 75% of the ecological damage caused to the planet, therefore, one of the main polluting anthropic actions.

In response, many alternative organic trends have emerged since the 1920s in search of balance. Agroecology has unfolded as a paradigm that includes knowledge of traditional, holistic interaction with animals and also includes man as an essential transforming agent.

Agroecology is an emerging science that studies the agrosystems integrating knowledge of agronomy, ecology, economics, and sociology, among other sciences. Other authors include popular and millennial wisdom as areas of the composition of agroecology.


When: Friday 8th July 2022 from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9th July (10 am to 2 pm – UK time)

Speakers: Vishakha dasi, Ranchor Prime, Kalakantha das (IMCPA), John Turner, Shyamasundara das (UK).

In-person & Online. A small fee of £12 for these two days’ workshops.

For details and to register click the below link:


School of Bhakti

ISKCON Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture