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Alachua Krishna Temple Gets Vandalized; 2 Men Arrested

By: for on May 6, 2013

Two men went into the Hare Krishna Temple in Alachua while a service was going on Saturday morning and began throwing bleach around the temple, saying it was unclean, according to a report.

The men also broke vases, destroyed books and defecated on the floor of the restroom among other damage, the report stated.

Melshizedek Reyes, 25, of Volusia County, and Peter Bergman, 54, no address given, went into the temple at 17305 NW 112th Blvd. around 7 a.m. during a prayer service.

They later told Alachua County Sheriff's deputies that they found the facility to be unclean and that they were cleaning it, according to a report.

The two men threw bleach around the temple and into a decorative fountain in front of the building. They also knocked over shelves holding shoes, and broke vases. They took books from the temple and threw them into the fountain, which was tainted with bleach, destroying the volumes.

Deputies said the men then went into the restroom and defecated on the floor and clogged the toilets.

When a deputy arrived, the men refused to give any identification and said they were not going to speak with the deputy.

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