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Amekhala Dasi Passes Away
By Madhava Smullen   |  May 01, 2010

Srila Prabhupada disciple Amekhala Dasi passed away peacefully at 6am on Friday April 23rd, after a five-month battle with cancer. She was surrounded by devotee friends lovingly singing the Hare Krishna mantra, including her husband Shrutakirti Dasa.

Amekhala is remembered by many as a determined devotee, focused on remaining connected with her beloved spiritual master even throughout all the challenges she faced in her life. She also reached out to fellow devotees, both first and second generation, who were hurt or wavering in their faith, to reassure them and bring them closer to Srila Prabhupada and his movement.

Amekhala often traveled with her husband Shrutakirti, as he told audiences throughout the world stories of his time as Srila Prabhupada’s servant. She also delighted in telling her own stories of Prabhupada, such as how she cleaned his rooms in London, and was dedicated to keeping or restoring his standards, such as cooking with ghee rather than oil.

Amekhala was also famous for her work amongst the devotee community in England, and their love for her was apparent. “She has had hundreds of devotees pass through the hospice in the last few days she was there,” Shrutakirti wrote. “Of course she wanted that her leaving in the UK be a reason for everyone to come to ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor to glorify Srila Prabhupada, a way to bring the community together. That was very important to her.”

In her last days, even with a temperature of 107F, Amekhala still recognized everyone who came to visit her. She was smiling, and felt no fear.

“She is very happy, peaceful and glowing and ready to carry on,” Shrutakirti wrote before she took her last breath at 5:56am. “We are all praying. I am very happy she is no longer suffering, and will be taken by Srila Prabhupada to her next destination.”

Amekhala Dasi will be deeply missed by devotees all around the world. And, in the words of her Godsister Urmila Dasi, “We pray that she continues to serve Prabhupada with her fierce dedication and untiring energy.”

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