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Amnesiac Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Only Ancient Hebrew

By: for on Sept. 17, 2015
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Los Angeles| A 53-year old man who spent six days in the coma after presumably being assaulted in August, still has no memory of his former life and can only speak… in ancient Hebrew!

The man was found unconscious in a California motel on August 9. He had with him a duffel bag of exercise clothes, a backpack and tennis rackets. He carried a California identification card and a Social Security card, both identifying him as Jamal Miller.

When he woke up in the Cedars-Sinai hospital days later, he had no memory of his past and could only speak in an unknown language. For three days, the puzzle remained complete until a rabbi visiting a friend in a nearby room, identified the tongue as ancient Hebrew and was able to communicate with the poor man.

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