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Attempted Robberies at North American Temples
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Jun 25, 2022

ISKCON Baltimore reported to North American officials that four to five people attacked an Arkansas Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a local Kali temple, and a few others. This group was also believed to be traveling to the Baltimore/ D.C. area. It was also reported the Potomac temple had an attempted robbery but the alert presence of a pujari made them flee.

ISKCON Denver temple was visited by women who entered the pujari room wearing shoes during the afternoon time when the Lords are resting.  One woman distracted the devotees in the prasad hall while the other two went through drawers, cabinets, etc. in the pujari room.  They also made several attempts to break into the altar through the locked altar door.

We are asking all temples to be on alert. Be aware of individuals who don eastern, quasi-religious dress. While we saw a report that some were arrested, the episodes continue and follow a similar pattern.


Please take all precautions and preventative measures.

Here is a reminder of some very basic steps:


1. See that any and all accesses to the deities are locked.

2. Lock all rooms that store the outfits, jewelry, and paraphernalia, self-locking.

3. Be sure your hundi is secured from smash and grab and cannot be carried away.

4. Post signs to be aware of possible robbers.

5. Have cameras strategically positioned.

6. Be aware. Their MO is to create a distraction and act friendly while their gang tries to gain access.


Contact local law enforcement to report attempts. Local police may offer security advice.


If you have had such incidents, please send a short report to Kuladri das with photos if possible. Because such incursions continue, we may reach out to other organizations and share experiences.

Because these events continue across several states, once ISKCON North America has a file, they may approach the FBI.


Thank you for your service and due diligence.

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