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Australian Flooding & Relief Efforts
By Bhakta Das   |  Mar 05, 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia –Approximately a dozen people have been reported dead from the flash flooding that battered northeastern Australia this week, with the wild weather forcing residents to evacuate and schools to close, while thousands of homes have been left immersed in water.

Thousands have been ordered to evacuate as the southeast coast of Australia experienced the worst flood in decades.

At least 300 people were left displaced including many Hare Krishna devotees living in the region. It has been reported that many devotees have lost their household furniture, cars, and much more. People have lost their businesses in town as well as their homes.

Brisbane Queensland, Sydney suburbs, and Nth NSW–Where ISKCON has its largest farming community and retreat Centre in Murwillumbah was completely inundated by floodwaters that are supposed to be an unprecedented once-in-a-500 year event.

Devotees supplying food relief in Murwillumbah, Australia

This week’s storm was devastating and it is not draining away as fast as it normally would and now there is the issue of sinking mud. The damage to the infrastructure is devastating – whole bridges are completely gone. Currently, there are lots of landslides and road damage that won’t be fixed for months. Since Monday, Murwillumbah has been an island. All roads in and out are flooded and closed. No supply trucks can come in.

Anxiety peaks for those with homes and families out in the hills that they can’t be reached.

Devotees supplying food relief in Brisbane, Australia

The local devotees were quick to provide healthy, hot Prasadam meals to those badly affected by the floods, stationing themselves in various parts of the town. Specifically, areas badly hit, like Brisbane.

Military helicopters airlifted stranded people from rooftops, while stranded motorists and animals were rescued from a bridge after fast-rising waters submerged both ends.

ISKCON News will continue to update you on Australia’s relief and aid needs as it becomes available to us.

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