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Beloved Cook of ISKCON Chicago, Visvakarma Das, Departs
By Acarya-nistha Das   |  Apr 22, 2019

On April 8th, at 5:34pm His Grace Visvakarma Das departed this world. A beloved friend and guide to many, Visvakarma Das dedicated his entire life to the service of Lord Krsna. The past 22 years he spent devotedly cooking for the ISKCON Chicago community, amazing devotees with his qualities of compassion, care, and expertise in service. 

Hemangi Devi Dasi, the current Temple President recalls, “Vishwakarma Prabhu was a responsible husband, a loving and caring father, a dutiful pujari, and above all, an awesome cook in the service of Sri Sri Kisora-Kisori.  He has been serving at the Chicago Temple for almost 25 years without ever missing his services even once, be it rain or snow, even in failing health. He expressed his love for the devotees by cooking for them and was always generous in serving them heartily.” 

Recently, he was diagnosed with serious infection in his foot, which led to several health complications and ICU visits. After a cardiac arrest leading to coma, he was placed in intensive care for a number of days. Upon little significant recovery he was removed from life support and breathed his last surrounded by dozens of loving devotees chanting sweetly with kartals. He left this world in an extremely peaceful state of consciousness, gradually withdrawing himself from this material world to absorption of Krsna within. 

His presence will be sorely missed as a pillar in the Chicago community, and role model for devotees all over the world. Devotees remember his affable and joyful demeanor, discipline in service, complete dedication to Srila Prabhupada, and equanimity. He leaves behind his devoted wife, Rohini Devi Dasi, son, Govinda, and daughter, Anjali. 

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