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Beloved Kirtaniya Agnideva Das in Serious Condition in Australian Hospital

By: on Oct. 17, 2017

Agnideva Das leads kirtan

Beloved kirtaniya and Prabhupada disciple Agnideva Das is reported to be in a stable but serious condition in an Australian hospital.

Agnideva had come to Australia straight after a visit to New Zealand, touring both countries to inspire devotees and the public through kirtan.

He was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit in Sydney Hospital on October 14th after the devotee driving him noticed that he was in pain while breathing.

Doctors found that he had a lung infection and very low oxygen levels. After some treatment, he seemed to be improving but then began coughing and spitting up blood. Doctors rushed in and placed him in an induced coma to stabilize his condition. He was also put on a ventilator to assist his breathing.

Agnideva remained in the coma for about 12 hours. He has now emerged from it, but is currently heavily sedated so that his body can rest while he fights the lung infection.

His vital signs are stable, but he is still in the ICU and being monitored closely.

Doctors are waiting for the results of blood tests to find out exactly what is causing the infection, and to confirm if there is any damage to Agnideva’s heart. An operation may be necessary, and it is unclear how long he will need to remain in the hospital.

In the meantime his son has arrived from the USA and is at his side in Sydney Hospital.

Doctors have advised that Agnideva cannot travel for the next six weeks. All his programs for the rest of 2017 have been cancelled.

Reportedly, some days before, on his way to New Zealand, Agnideva had had the “flight from hell.” He missed connections due to an unruly passenger that delayed his plane, was stranded at the airport, and didn’t sleep for four days. Still, he pushed himself to perform enthusiastic kirtans and go on Harinamas in public everywhere he went.

“What comes to mind now is that we need to be very perceptive and proactive in ensuring such devotees have proper care and rest,” commented Prananatha Das from New Zealand. “Yes, we all love to hear him sing and glorify Sri Krishna, but he is not a young man. We must show a higher level of care and concern, before it’s too late.

“He’s not simply a kirtan cow that we continue to milk, more and more. We must ensure that he, and devotees like him, can function comfortably, without undue stress. He passed out in the kirtan mela in Mayapur recently. He’s giving more than 100%. Let us reciprocate and make sure he is always 100% prepared, with adequate rest and nutrition. And I offer my ongoing heartfelt prayers for his full recovery during his current health crisis.”

All devotees around the world are humbly asked to pray for Agnideva’s welfare. Many are also giving from their pockets as well as their hearts – Indradyumna Swami has set up a Gofundme page to pay his hospital bills. Already, over $40,000 has been raised of the $100,000 needed.

“Unfortunately he had not been traveling with insurance, and the hospital bills are mounting up,” wrote Indradyumna Swami. “It is still unclear how long he will need to stay in the hospital, as the doctors are waiting to see how his body responds to the current treatment. An operation may be necessary which will require several weeks of recovery in a special ward. Each day in that ward costs approximately US $4,000.”

Agnideva Das, of course, is one of ISKCON’s beloved chanters, and his voice has been heard in homes and hearts all over the world for over forty years. He constantly travels and works hard to inspire and encourage other devotees.

“We beg you to please give from your heart to support this precious devotee in a time of great need,” says Indradyumna Swami.

Please click here to donate and help pay Agnideva’s medical costs:


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