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Bhakti Kids Sangha Using Social Media to Provide Outstanding Resources for Parents and Children
By Khusboo Basan, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  May 06, 2023

Bhakti Kids Sangha is an initiative started by Abhidheya Devi Dasi and her eleven-year-old son Krishna Balaram that includes a broad number of inspiring initiatives. Some of these include establishing libraries for children, creating resources for parents, producing digital educational content, and hosting a successful podcast on YouTube. 

Initially, the Bhakti Kids Sangha was started as classes on bhakti yoga that were live-streamed on Instagram and Facebook during the pandemic when people needed content during the difficult homeschooling measures in Australia.

Founder Abhideya Devi Dasi said, “We were using the lockdown to explore dynamic experiential learning techniques and sharing them through our social media platforms. Once that started gaining momentum, I realized that many devotee podcasts and news sources focused on ashrams other than the grihastha life. There weren’t many resources, news, or talks relevant to families and child-rearing,” she continued, “I felt families were being left behind, schools were massively underfunded, and those engaged in children’s services were overworked and undervalued.” 

Owing to such difficulties, she leveraged social media, especially YouTube. Her podcast platform offers various topics, from learning Sanskrit, to creative teaching methods, unique interviews, and exploring women’s health issues from qualified, experienced devotees. Other videos help parents learn how to make storytelling and learning aids for their kids. Her mental health-themed podcast episode with Dr. Kisori garnered over 21,000 views. Online classes offered by children for children are another outstanding service rendered by the Bhakti Kids Sangha on their Youtube channel. 

Through this medium, Abhideya Devi Dasi successfully connected with many devotee authors globally, and listeners from around the world appreciated how the podcast highlighted the efforts of persons not otherwise seen, like teachers, authors, and devotees in education. She further worked with these global contacts to create children’s libraries in multiple locations, temples, farming communities, and schools, supplying them with quality literature. “This has been very positively received by the parents who appreciate visiting the temple and finding a children’s library there for kids,” said Abhideya.

The logo of Bhakti Kids Sanga is a custom logo commissioned by Abhideya Devi Dasi and designed by artist Radhe Gendron. Regarding the logo, Abhideya Devi Dasi said, “It depicts children playing with Krishna; this encapsulates the mood of Bhakti Kids Sangha – connecting kids to Krishna through joyous, playful means.”

Some upcoming events organized by the Bhakti Kids Sangha include creative learning and storytelling ideas with Abhidheya Devi Dasi using puppets, and an interview with Gourangi Ghandarvika Devi Dasi from the ISKCON Congregational and Development Ministry to promote her new book “Krishna, My Best Friend” which is an educational activity book (podcast episode 42).

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