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Bhaktivedanta Manor Celebrates Start of Spring

By: for Watford Observer (UK) on March 21, 2009

Hundreds of Hindu worshippers came together at their local Letchmore Heath temple to celebrate the full moon and colours of spring.

The Holi and Gaura Purnima festivals at Bhaktivedanta Manor on Sunday included a bonfire, spring welcoming rituals and the throwing of coloured powders on revellers.

The bonfire was lit to remember a saint named Prahlad who is alleged to have been taken into a huge fire without being burned. Prahlad is the Hindu symbol of faith and purity and the fire also represents the burning away of all the impurities, such as egoism, vanity and lust.

This events also marked a celebration of the birth of Lord Chaitanya, who was considered an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

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