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Bhaktivedanta Players Tour "The Mahabharat"

By: for ISKCON News on Aug. 13, 2015

Bhishma on the "arrow-bed", a scene from The Mahabharata performed by the Bhaktivedanta Players.

After 30 glorious years of performance, including almost 20 international tours, UK's Bhaktivedanta Players marked their outstanding contribution to devotional art with a gala performance of The Mahabharata. This was a brand new production conceived and directed by Jaya Krishna das, and acted by a cast of more than 20.

With the soundtrack arranged by actor and musician, Kishor Murti das, and new props and costumes, the stage was set for a riveting experience.

A 730 strong audience flocked to the Kadwa Patidar Centre in Kenton, UK, for the premier. For over two hours the audience were led by Lord Krishna Himself, in the role of narrator, into an ancient world of warriors and mystic saints. The scenes were artfully conceived to encapsulate highlights from the epic, including Bhismadeva’s death on the battlefield, and the dramatic attempted disrobing of Draupadi. The impressive fight scenes were choreographed by Markandeya ‘Mark’ Kelly, who works as a Hollywood stuntman.

Costuming, lighting and special effects were rich and detailed, thanks to Dwarka Puri das’ devoted service. Overall the experience was moving, not just because each actor gave their focus and heart to their respective roles, but because the mood of devotion permeated the whole production.

The show toured to Ilford, Croydon and Harrow within Greater London too, with enthusiastic audiences in each location. We wish the Bhaktivedanta Players success for the decades to come!

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