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Bolivia Closes All Its McDonald’s Restaurants and the Reason Why Is Amazing
By Michael Hayne   |  Apr 24, 2015

In America, McDonald’s and its Golden Arches are more recognizable and revered than our founding fathers, and they may even become sacred if Chris Christie ever becomes president. Heck–we even have a foreign policy theory of conflict prevention that purports that countries with McDonald’s franchises “won’t invade each other.” And since credulity is the only limitless resource left in America, serve us sh*it with a side of pink slime and we’re screaming for seconds.

Obviously it’s not always practical–or even permissible–to avoid the tantalizing glow of McDonald’s golden arches, and surely we’ve all been victim of giving in to fast food from time to time. Our sedentary lifestyle, combined with our complete and utter unwillingness to do some basic research over instant gratification, means we’re willing to eat anything if it means we don’t have to put down our smartphones.

But the nation of Bolivia are really not lovin’ it and just became total McBuzzkillingtons after becoming the first McDonald’s-free Latin American nation. Does this mean we’ll be invading Bolivia tomorrow?

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