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Mar 26, 2007
Can You Be An Environmentalist and Still Eat Meat?

There has never been a better time for environmentalists to become vegetarians. Evidence of the environmental impacts of a meat-based diet is piling up at the same time its health effects are becoming better known. Meanwhile, full-scale industrialized factory farming-which allows diseases to spread quickly as animals are raised in close confinement-has given rise to recent, highly publicized epidemics of meat-borne illnesses. At presstime, the first discovery of mad cow disease in a Tokyo suburb caused beef prices to plummet in Japan and many people to stop eating meat.

Jim Motavalli
Mar 26, 2007
INDIA: Lankan Children Find Refuge in Bangalore

BANGALORE: Smiling and laughing, the children cluster around the visitor with the camera. They have just discovered that he is from Sri Lanka and that he speaks their language fluently.

Smriti Daniel
Mar 26, 2007
ISKCON: Mangalore Celebrates Ratha Yatra Festival

MANGALORE: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) held its fourth annual Jagannatha Rathayatra in Mangalore on March 23.

Team Mangalorean
Mar 04, 2007
ISKCON Gaura Purnima 2007



Feb 05, 2007
NIGERIA: Devotee Martial-Arts Experts Create Stir At Lagos Party

LAGOS, NIGERIA: Not a little stir was caused recently when a team of Karate experts was ushered in to entertain guests at a party in Lagos. Venue was the prestigious Q-Club on Allen Avenue, in Ikeja, Lagos. The event, tagged 'Start- of-the-Year Party,' was organised by the Gauranga Foundation, a non-governmental organisation with interest in the development of music in Nigeria.

By Akatu Ajonye
Jan 25, 2007
Radhadesh Expands As Preaching Grows

One of the first things you see when looking at Radhadesh's beautiful temple building is a huge tower on the left. Until now this tower was left untouched. This year the temple management decided to renovate the tower creating six new rooms. These rooms will be used by students from Bhaktivedanta College, who are currently staying in the guesthouse. When the new rooms are finished in two months the students will move there allowing the guesthouse rooms to be used for weekend visitors. Also, by putting the students in the temple the cost of their accommodation will be lower.

Jan 01, 1901
“Bhagvad-Gita As It Is” Audio Now Available on iPhone and Android App

“Bhagavad-Gita As It Is” audio is now available for free to listen on iPhone and Android using the Mixcloud App. It is narrated by Titiksava Karunika Das (San Diego, CA). It has powerful and live voice with dramatic background music. The complete project was produced by Kamlesh Patel (Irvine, CA).

ISKCON News Staff
Jan 01, 1901
Divya’s Kitchen, Ayurvedic Restaurant, Opens in NYC’s East Village

Divya Alter noticed there weren’t many places to sit down and enjoy a meal based on Ayurvedic principles in New York City. Enter Divya’s Kitchen. Her new vegetarian restaurant, opening Wednesday in the East Village at 25 First Ave., is located in the same building as Alter’s Ayurvedic culinary school, Bhagavat Life, which she runs with her husband.

Meredith Deliso
Jan 01, 1901
Introducing the Sri Mayapur International School

The Sri Mayapur International School, one of the educational institutes of ISKCON Mayapur, has been educating the children of Mayapur since it was founded in 1988.  Students of many different countries study together here and receive a quality academic and spiritual education.

Mayapur Communications
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