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Celebrate World Vegetarian Day October 1st

By: for Humane Society of the United States on Oct. 1, 2009
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"Lisa the Vegetarian" is the fifth episode of 'The Simpsons' cartoon, seventh season. Lisa decides to stop eating meat after bonding with a lamb at a petting zoo. Her schoolmates and family members ridicule her for her beliefs, but with the help of Apu, Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney, she commits to vegetarianism.

WASHINGTON: National Vegetarian Month is kicked off on October 1st by World Vegetarian Day. In response, The Humane Society of the United States—the nation's largest animal welfare organization—is encouraging consumers to try delicious meat alternatives that are not derived from the routine abuses billions of farm animals endure. The HSUS is also providing recipes for healthy, mouth-watering vegetarian meal ideas.

With increasing awareness of the way farm animals are treated and growing consumer demand for more humane alternatives, it's never been easier to prevent animal abuse at every meal. For the month of October and throughout the year, consumers can enjoy a wealth of vegetarian alternatives, including patties, nuggets, soups, milks, bacon, sausages, and even drumsticks, that can replace their animal product counterparts in any meal or recipe.

When dining out, vegetarian options at restaurants have never been more plentiful. Consumers are hard-pressed to come across any eatery—from fast-food chains like Taco Bell to four-star gourmet restaurants—without vegetarian options. Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Mediterranean restaurants readily offer vegetarian entrées that cut fat and cholesterol without sacrificing taste and texture.

HSUS Factory Farming Campaign Manager Paul Shapiro explains, "Each time we sit down to eat, we have a choice. We can help animals or we can choose to harm them. By choosing more vegetarian foods, we can make the world a more humane place."

Just this year alone, approximately 9 billion cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other animals will be killed for human consumption. The vast majority of these animals are confined in restrictive, filthy warehouses, pens, and stalls, causing tremendous frustration and suffering. Farm animals also routinely endure agonizing mutilations without painkiller, and their shortened lives often end in painful slaughter.

Virtually no laws protect farm animals from even the gravest mistreatment, and most state animal cruelty laws exempt routine agricultural practices that are abusive to farm animals.

The HSUS encourages people to learn more about humane food choices though its Guide to Vegetarian Eating, available at

The Humane Society of the United States is the nation's largest animal protection organization with over 9 million members and constituents. The HSUS is a mainstream voice for animals, with active programs in companion animals and equine protection, wildlife and habitat protection, animals in research, and farm animal welfare. The HSUS protects all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy, and field work. The non-profit organization is based in Washington and has field representatives across the country. On the web at

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