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Children`s Art to Protect Cows

By: for on June 10, 2011
The painting of Bianka Bodor, 8 years old
The Shri Prahlada elementary school, situated in Krishna-valley, Somogyvamos, Hungary held its annual children`s art competition. This year the topic was cow protection.

The competition was open to all the Hungarian children between the age 5 and 14. 265 children from all over country sent in their drawings and paintings, all emphasizing their love for cows, the need to take care of them, and the importance of milk products in people`s lives.

The jury had a hard time to chose the best ones, the authors of which will be awarded in a stage ceremony in Krishna-valley during the annual fair on July 23rd.

The teachers of the Shri Prahlada school find that involving children in thoughtful art helps them becoming aware of important issues by connecting them with their own feelings.

Some of the drawings and paintings the jury found to be especially thoughtful and expressive.

Laura Csik (12)

Marcell Jenei (11)

Virag Vanyi (11)

Lili Tokaji (10)

Sara Szabo (10)

Anna Pomozi (11)
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