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Coalition of the Aces: Touchstone Media & Torchlight Publishing Merge
By Radha Sakhi Dasi   |  Jul 24, 2020


The age-old friendship of Touchstone Media and Torchlight Publishing is now evolving into a merger to operate as a single unit. Advaita Chadra Das, Director of Torchlight Publishing and Isvara Das, Director of Touchstone Media have been planning to work together for quite some time and now that they’ve both joined hands. “We have joined forces to passionately strive to provide everyone with real matter for soul-nourishment and assist them to live spiritually balanced, healthy, compassionate and fulfilling lives,” they stated.

Together now, they will be known as Touchstone Media creating a team of proficient, experienced, enthusiastic and talented professionals dedicated to serving the needs of ever-evolving and spirit-oriental transcendental customer base all over the world. Their combined vision is to inspire every individual to live simply and develop higher thinking by nourishing and enriching the inner-self rather than the outer-self. Touchstone Media is the confluence of India’s rich heritage and divine spirituality.

Torchlight Publishing over the years has published and distributed over 1 million books in 26 languages and is recognized for preserving Indian cultural heritage. While Touchstone Media on the other hand over a couple of decades has distributed over a million books, audio and video media along with E-books and is renowned for its state of the art quality of spiritual publications. Hence this tie up between two aces is a remarkable step towards rich spiritual content publication. 

Torchlight Publishing heralds on shifting the paradigm while Touchstone Media presages on real matter for soul-nourishment. Now with the glory of both, there will be systematic and profound propagation of spiritual knowledge to enlighten and enrich people. 

All products will be available on soon.


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