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Constant Change

By: for sutapamonk.blogspot on April 23, 2014
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Constant change has become the underlying theme of the age – update your fashion, contrast your scenery, evolve your goals and upgrade your gadgets. After all, variety is the mother of enjoyment. If someone maintains the same job for over ten years they may well be viewed as dull, unambitious and dysfunctional. Stability and steadiness just isn’t valued in the same way. Being ‘original’ no longer relates to doing something authentic – it means to do something new! But does this constant adjustment improve the quality of life? Is the age of mass distraction leaving us perpetually restless? Have we developed an artificial culture that diverts us from the real source of satisfaction?

The phenomenon of constant change exposes the inability of external adjustments to satisfy our internal yearning. Looking for a ‘secret solution’ in material variety will never succeed in addressing our spiritual vacuum, since deep satisfaction goes beyond the immediate titillation of the mind and senses. Real fulfillment is born from the state of our consciousness, and excessive focus on the externals can distract us from this cardinal principle. Next time we feel the need to change our ‘externals’, we may want to stop and consider whether it’s really necessary.

There is something beautiful about simplicity and sameness. With the proper attitude, it can help one become more conscious, more aware and more reflective. When activities and surroundings remain consistent, it opens up unique opportunities to invest energy into the quality, purpose and consciousness with which one functions. Simple living high thinking. Having practiced an identical spiritual discipline and lifestyle for quite some years now, I’m beginning to appreciate how much depth it can create. Spiritual technology is timeless and limitless. Eternally perfect. No need for upgrades, add-ons or adjustments – just more attention and conscientious application on my part.

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