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Cosmology on Trial: New E-book by Torchlight Publishing
By Advaita Candra Das   |  Jun 26, 2014

A new ebook has just been released by Torchlight Publishing. Cosmology on Trial: Cracking the Cosmic Code by Pierre St. Clair takes on the speculative arguments of modern science and its Big Bang Theory with intelligence and logic.

“A good job of dismantling the modern scientific accounts of the origin of the universe,” says Forbidden Archeology co-author Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Das). “Well written.”

Cosmology on Trial is on sale now at online retailers worldwide including It is currently Amazon’s number 7 ebook in its category, and is number 1 in its category in Amazon’s Hot New Releases.

Click on the link below to read two chapters for free.

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