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Darkness in the Season of Light
By Rukmini Walker   |  Jan 08, 2021

 For many, these darkest days of the year have traditionally been celebrated as the Season of Light, or Advent, or Hanukah. Yet during this time of global pandemic, many of us are feeling and observing a collective unconsciousness in our world – a heavy or negative energy surrounding us. 

Some are experiencing a paralyzing fear; for some a trail of tears. Conflict and contention seem to be everywhere. Life and death seem separated by a thinner, more transparent space than usual, and no one knows what tomorrow may bring. 

But by our intention, by our consciousness, each day, each moment, we can shelter in grace, pulling around ourselves a chrysalis of sacred energy in the form of sound. Sacred sound can repel the negative, and attract and generate blessings.

We can cover ourselves with this armor, a shining cloak of mantra that deflects fear by generating love outward from within, by keeping the mantra on our lips and in our hearts – synchronizing sacred sound with our breathing, and our heartbeats. 

We live in this world together, yet by consciousness we each occupy a different realm. Two of us can be standing or sitting together, and one can be experiencing a living hell, while one is sheltering in light. 

This is our freedom, to lean into the shelter of light, or to turn away, leaning into fear and darkness. My own little light may feel dim right now, but I can always choose to lean in to the light of God, Krsna, and His holy names. I can choose to anoint myself and others in sacred mantra as I sit or walk down the street. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, My dear Lord, I am Yours! We are all Yours!

Wishing you light as you share your light,

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