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Devotee Care: Tribute to Those We Lost During Pandemic
By Saki Rangadevi Devi Dasi   |  Feb 05, 2022

Each and every one of us wants two things in life: to love and to be loved. Devotee Care is one such initiative by ISKCON that takes care of the devotees and embeds the culture of care using different platforms. Their vision and mission is to provide contentment to the devotees both spiritually and materially by looking after their diverse emotional, spiritual, physical, and social needs. The idea behind the project is to help devotees feel valuable and comfortable within the ISKCON society. They have worked hard to implement this personal bond by setting themselves as the epitome of care in ISKCON.

Recently, Devotee Care has published an ‘In Memoriam’, to those devotees who have left the world vacant of their physical presence, and to help us cope with us missing their association, and love.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken so many near and dear ones away from us. Some of us have lost our spiritual master, family members, partners, and friends, and those people’s position and presence in our lives are irreplaceable. Devotee Care recognizes the immenseness of these losses.

From Devotee Care: Tribute to Devotees we lost during Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, our ISKCON community has seen many of our spiritual family depart this world, primarily from Covid-19 but also other causes.

Here we pay tribute to these great souls. We honor their special contributions to their communities, congregations, and wider ISKCON movement.

We apologize if any Vaishnavas have not been included on this page and will make every effort to update this as soon as possible.  The list may be viewed here: 

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