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Documentary on Krishna to be Dubbed in Eight Languages

By: for Yahoo News on Aug. 29, 2009

Bangalore, Aug 28 (PTI) A documentary that explores the archaeological, astronomical and other evidences to claim the existence of Lord Krishna is set to be dubbed in eight Indian languages besides Spanish and German.

"Krishna: History or Myth", made by UK-based nuclear medicine physician Manish Pandit captures the beliefs of Krishna worshippers on one hand and juxtaposes it with archaeological, historical and astronomical evidences on the other, to make the point that he "existed in reality and not merely in the imagination of devotees and scripture writers.

"The film relies on four premises -- the archaeological evidence, the astronomical evidence, the living traditions and the oral traditions to prove that Krishna existed and the Mahabharat did occur," says Pandit, originally from Pune and now working as a consultant and an honorary senior clinical lecturer in nuclear medicine in United Kingdom. "There are 150 astronomical references in Mahabharata.

One wonders if it were a mere exaggerated account of a family feud as some claim, why would there be so many astronomical references. One could have written a fictional story using a few of them", he told PTI during his recent India visit to promote the documentary.

A planetary software corroborates the astronomical events as referred to in the book, he claims.

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