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By Vraja Vilasa Das   |  Apr 16, 2011

The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium is now under construction in Sridham Mayapur, in the same spot and in the same style as Srila Prabhupada envisioned it. Ambarisa Das has funded the initial construction, and with more generous gifts, the Deities of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and the Asta-sakhis, as well as Lord Nrsimhadeva and the Panca Tattva, can move to Their new temple as early as Gaura Purnima, 2014.

Mayapur is the root of the ISKCON tree. Completing this temple, the ‘adbhuta mandir’ predicted by Bhaktivinode Thakur, will uplift the entire world. Every gift makes a difference, no matter how large or how small. To contribute to this historic project, you can now use Paypal at . Please donate today and tell your friends.

TOVP construction materials and the quantity needed:

Bricks — 5 million bricks — $ 1 a brick

Sand — 500,000 Tons of Sand — $ 10 a ton

Tiles for the Domes — 50,000 Tiles — $ 100 a tile

Stones and Pebbles — 20,000 tons — $ 250 a ton

Cement — 10,000 bags — $ 500 a bag

Iron and Steel — 5000 tons — $ 1000 a ton

Benefits of building a Vaishnava temple:

“One who builds or helps to build a beautiful temple for the Lord will be freed from all sinful reactions and will enter the Vaikuntha planets.” -(Narasimha Purana)

“One who offers the Deity gifts of land, markets, cities and villages so that the regular daily worship and special festivals of the Diety may go on will continually achieve opulence equal to My Own” -(Srimad Bhagavatam)

For more information please contact Vraja Vilasa Das at

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