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Drutakarma Dasa Featured on The History Channel

By: on March 7, 2009

Los Angeles, CA – Ancient Aliens premieres on The History Channel this Sunday, March 8th at 8 pm EST, featuring Michael Cremo and a host of subject experts in the field of human origins, exterrestrials, and anomalous phenomena. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, an Emmy award-winning production company from Los Angeles, this provocative documentary explores evidence of super-human influences on ancient man and embarks upon a global quest for answers. It’s an incredible investigation into theories some believe cannot be true, but many agree cannot be ignored.

Michael Cremo, regarded as a reputable authority on human antiquity by both alternative and mainstream circles, made recent press in the popular Danish newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende during his successful February 2009 author tour of Denmark to promote the release of the Danish edition of Human Devolution, his sequel to Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. The paper featured a picture of Cremo on the front cover, with the headline translated as: “Is This Man Dangerous?”

When requested by the media for an opinion on the breaking story of 1.5 million-year-old footprints discovered in Kenya, Mr. Cremo asserted, “The most reasonable thing we can say is that the scientists in Kenya have found evidence that humans like us existed 1.5 million yeas ago, and this contradicts the current evolutionary accounts of human origins.”

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