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Durban Festival of Chariots Celebrates Its 30th Year
By Bhakta Kishore   |  Mar 09, 2018

The Festival of Chariots in the South African city Durban celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The four-day festival will be held between Friday March 30th and April 2nd. The entertainment is geared to show unity through diversity. Every evening they have a specific focus: 

On Friday at the “Life-In-Style” session visitors can explore the ancient Vedic sciences, energize with yoga, revitalise with Ayurveda, or make a conscious connection with mantra-meditation.

On Saurday there will be a “Sound Evolution” Concert, including music pieces of various styles and genres, from hip-hop to opera, reggae to classical; pop, rock, poetry, and mantra. With a blend of local favourites and international flavours, participants will have the opportunity to “evolve” through sacred sound. 

On Sunday at the “Everybody Dance” session people can try out many things such as the ‘dandiya,’ which is an ancient form of stick dance that can be performed in concentric groups, or hang out at the Drum Café and get their blood pumping, release tension, and feel alive with rhythm by trying out the interactive drumming. (Participants are required to register for both these events here: 

On Monday morning for the “early birds” there will be “Walk & Yoga” with world-renowned Walking Monk – Bhaktimarga Swami. This is an opportunity to have thoughtful conversation with a monk in a casual environment. The walk will begin at the Blue Waters Hotel go onto the beach and end at the festival site where people can ease into a yoga session with Imani. (Registration:

Each night, there will be a drama performance ‘The Queen’s Secret’, based on the Indian epic, the Mahabharat, telling the story of a young princess who secretly begets a son from the Sun-god. The Queen’s Secret is a fascinating story, which deals with royalty, sages, and the way fate plays out in our lives.

Note: All events are free.

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For more information visit: @festivalofchariotsDBN on Facebook @ChariotFestDBN on Twitter and Instagram 


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