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Dutch ISKCON Devotees Meet Narendra Modi in the Hague

By: for ISKCON News on July 3, 2017

On Tuesday 27th June, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Netherlands of his three-nation tour after concluding his visit to the United States.

During the visit, Prime Minister Modi was meeting the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, King Willem-Alexander and the Indian Diaspora in The Netherlands.

ISKCON The Hague leader Syamasundara das, Chitra devi dasi, bhn Sandjli Bisesser, bhn Reeshmi Chitan and bh Ashis Autar had the opportunity to meet the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the Royal Residence city.

When the Prime Minister arrived at his hotel The Crowne Plazathere was a row of fans, huge yelling crowd lining the way cheering and glimpsing.

The security was tight, but our ISKCON member Bhn. Sandjli was not going to let this opportunity slip by and gifted the Prime Minister a chadar/shawl on which Lord Jagannatha was present. The Prime Minister deeply appreciated the gift with clasped hands & thankful words and during his warm welcome he walked with the Lord waving his hands.

In the evening at the community event Modiji said in his speech, let's learn from our Surinami brothers and sisters in The Netherlands who is not forgotten their culture, tradition & samskara and let's not forget our motherland. Whatever be the color of our passport, blood relations will not change. Keep the spirit alive and stay united with each other.

On the social media, pictures of the Prime Minister was featured positively across the media. There are many pictures but the media team of the Prime Minister Modiji used the pictures with the smiling Lord.

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