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Eco Odyssey Conference Held in Krishna Valley Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future
By Gandharvika prema Dasi   |  Jun 26, 2024

In May, the 2024 Eco Odyssey Conference was held in Krishna Valley, Hungary. It brought together hundreds of attendees and renowned experts to explore practical and theoretical aspects of social sustainability. Highlighting Krishna Valley’s sustainable initiatives, the event provided valuable insights and tangible solutions for a sustainable future.

The devotees in Hungary held a major conference in Krishna Valley (New Vraja-dhama), focusing on various aspects of social sustainability. The event’s relevance was underscored by the increasingly urgent environmental, ecological, and economic crises facing the world.

Sustainability movements began gaining momentum in the 1970s in America and Western Europe, particularly in response to the oil crisis. Initially, discussions on ecological and sustainability topics were limited to intellectuals and young people seeking change. However, over the past two decades, the media and the internet have brought these issues to wider public attention, provoking societal outrage over the evidence of climate change.

Almost half of the 300 participants at the Krishna Valley conference were first-time visitors.

The central question of the conference was, “What kind of social model can be sustainable in today’s mass society?” Participants explored whether sustainable small communities could be established within the framework of large cities and mass societies.

Titled “Eco Odyssey: Adventures in the Maze of Sustainability,” the conference offered a unique opportunity for those interested in preserving our future and the well-being of our planet. The event began with three exciting panel discussions featuring renowned experts and thinkers who contributed to shaping concepts for a sustainable future. Among the speakers were distinguished university professors, economists, philosophers, environmentalists, and spiritual leaders, including Sivarama Swami and Radha Krishna Dasa, who enriched the sustainability discourse.

The conference was not just theoretical; participants also gained practical insights into Krishna Valley’s sustainability projects. Following the panel discussions, guests toured the most interesting local sustainability initiatives, including the cow protection center, the ox-powered mill, the organic garden, the electricity-free residential area, and the eco-school.

Krishna Valley is a positive eco-village initiative that has demonstrated its sustainability over the past three decades. Its model can be replicated in any rural environment with community intent. 

The conference avoided the three major pitfalls of similar events: the feeling of helplessness, the doomsday mentality, and the limitation of discussions to theoretical levels without practical steps. The speakers emphasized that gaining time is crucial to allow for further changes. Krishna Valley’s example and practical approach offer hope and tangible solutions on the path to sustainability.

The Eco Odyssey conference not only addressed theoretical issues of sustainability but also demonstrated, through concrete examples, how community cooperation and local initiatives can significantly contribute to achieving a sustainable future.

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