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Ever Increasing Bliss – 24 Hour Kirtan in New Vrindaban, USA

By: for ISKCON News on June 21, 2013
"There were over 650 people in attendance."
The energy was uplifting at New Vrindaban’s 7th 24 Hour Kirtan! Many say that last weekend’s 24 hour kirtan from June 15 to June 16 was the best one yet.

There were over 650 people in attendance. One could see that the devotees were getting absorbed in the chanting and were in bliss.

One guest remarked: “For me, this 24 hour kirtan was the most powerful one to date. I felt that the devotees have become more mature and are taking the chanting more seriously. I felt a deep heart connection. The chanting at this kirtan rose to a new level.”

A seasoned kirtan leader noted: “In this 24 hour kirtan, every single mantra we chant is different.”

To which another devotee replied: “Ah! I know YOUR secret! Some people are chanting. But YOU are praying!”

One devotee who has never attended a 24 hour kirtan before commented, “It’s a surprise to me to see so many young people chanting so enthusiastically. Very enlivening.”

“The last two hours were extremely powerful!” one guest declared, “The atmosphere was electric!”

“The kids leading the kirtan were the highlight for me. Also, when Madhava sang, I thought to myself that I could go on chanting here forever. As a matter of fact, THIS is how I want to die,” was the comment of one New Vrindavan resident.

The New Vrindaban community invites everyone to the Kartika 24 hour kirtan on Sat. Oct. 19 and Sun. Oct. 20 for more bliss.
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