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Farewell To Purnacandra Goswami

By: for ISKCON News on Nov. 12, 2010
The ceremony took place on the 9th of November, the day of Srila Prabhupada's departure, in the Moscow temple. A few hundred devotees attended, among them were Niranjana Swami and Nitay Caitanya Goswami.

Purnacandra Goswami's body was carried around the Sri Sri Doyal Nitai Saci Suta temple three times, after which a puja was offered to Maharaja's body, and then devotees sang kirtan and said their goodbyes, while senior devotees shared their memories of Maharaja. Srila Niranjana Swami told about Srila Purnacandra Goswami's sublime qualities, how the understanding of the inner substance of vaisnavas as well as of other people's was of first importance to Him. He also understood the inner substance of the events that were taking place in this world.

Jaya Madhava Das, disciple of Srila Prabhupada who has been living in Moscow since quite a while, reminded us how important it was for Purnacandra Goswami to be distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and preaching the glory of the Holy Name.

Bhakti Vigyana Goswami's address which He has sent from India was read to the audience. Bhakti Vigyana Goswami said over the phone how deeply Purnacandra Maharaj was concentrated on Sri Krishna, on Vrindavan, on the Holy Name of the Lord. "He was helping many people become more serious in their spiritual life, helped them to understand the beauty of Krishna consciousness."

Orphaned disciples of Purnacandra Goswami expressed their feelings of infinite grief and at the same time of heartwarming happiness. No, they did not lose Maharaja, but they aquired a deeper understanding of this sublime soul. They are certain that Maharaja has reached what He was aspiring for. Ranchor Das asked all Vaisnavas to use every second of association with our spiritual masters, and to use every possibility of rendering service to them. Otherwise we will be so sorry later that we did not use such an opportunity that was given to us. There were also words of confidence that Purnacandra Goswami will certainly meet with His disciples again, when the time comes.

Kirtan in honour of Purnacandra Goswami was led by Niranjana Swami. Then the time came for pushpanjali, the rain of flowers. Beautiful flower garlands were laid on the body of Purnacandra Goswami, as well as garlands of Tulasi Maharani leaves from Aindra Prabhu's deities. His body was washed with tears of sadness. Everyone cried. Niranjana Swami could hardly hold back tears.

Purnacandra Goswami's body was lifted and carried to the car, that was to reach the place of cremation before sunset. Before His last departure from the temple Vaisnavas held a kirtan which allured even the iron heart of the catafalque's driver. He was watching the singing people and in his eyes one could see his soul awakening.

There were no obstacles to the last journey of Purnacandra Goswami on this day. Vaisnavas who accompanied the body to the place of cremation say there was no traffic and no waiting in the crematorium. In the hall of goodbyes of the crematorium they started a kirtan that has never been heard in that place before. Srimati Gauri amazed with her singing the workers of the crematorium whose hearts have hardened with the everyday sight of death. Looks like they, too, understood finally what is the real life, that is different from the blind and useless existence that most people of today lead. On Thursday Moscow Vaisnavas have gathered for an evening of remembrance, dedicated to the great and humble servant of Srila Prabhupada- Srila Purnacandra Goswami Maharaj.

Maharaja's ashes will be taken to Vrindavan where His samadhi will be.

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