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Festival of Inspiration 2013, New Vrindaban

By: for ISKCON News on April 11, 2013
The annual Festival of Inspiration in the beautiful Appalachian hills of the New Vrindavana community in West Virginia, USA, runs through Mother’s Day weekend and has been inspiring devotees around the world for 13 years.

The dates this year are Friday May 10th, Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th 2013 with Kirtan beginning on Thursday Evening May 9th 2013.

Special guests include Radhanath Swami, Danavir Goswami, Bhakti Marg Swami, with exciting presentations and workshops from Ambarish Dasa, Vaisesika Dasa, Laxmimoni Devi , Achuytananda Dasa , Dravida Dasa, Manoram Dasa, Krishna Priya Dasi, Krishnanandini Dasi ( the Grihasta vision team ) and many more spiritually advanced Vaishnavas.

The festival begins early Friday Morning with Mangal Arati and the first presentation starts at 7.45am.

Friday Evening's Maha Kirtan will beginning at 7pm with many dedicated and experienced kirtaners.

There will be exciting entertainment on Saturday night which will include Bhakti Marg Swami's world famous Drama Troupe, inhouse musicians songstress and Comedy duo Tulasi Priya and Ekendra and the extraordinary Bharatnatyam from Anapayini and the Bhaktikalayam Dance Troupe.

Festival of Inspiration features world class international Krishna Prasadam by our fabulous second generation cooks Govinda, Bhava and Team with special guest cooks Shankar Dasa , Srila Prabhupada’s “ flower boy " and Gouranga Prasad from Gainesville Krishna House.

For further information on accommodation and registration for the festival go to our website .
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