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Festival of the Cows in New Talavana

By: for ISKCON News on Oct. 30, 2010
The worshipable cows of New Talavana
Saturday, November 6th brings New Talavana's (USA) Fourth Annual "Go Puja Mela- The Festival of the Cows". It will begin at noon with devotional music, special cow foods for sale, exhibitions of hand milking, sugar cane squeezing, butter churning, face painting, milk shake creations and many more tasty and educational stalls.

Later in the day there will be dance and drama, and guests can take hay rides, and hear from local farm boys and academics.

At last, the pastime of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhana Hill will be demonstrated by devotees circumambulating, praising and worshiping a model of the authentic
hill made from halava a food preparation. Afterwards a big feast will be served to all.

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