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  • Odyssey Networks Captures Faith Response to Protesters` Eviction from Zuccotti Park

    Odyssey Networks was on the scene yesterday after #OWS was dismantled from Zuccotti Park, and a large contingent of occupiers gathered at Canal Street and 6th Avenue. A group of multi-faith leaders and communities arrived in the temporary space to handshakes and warm greetings from the occupiers, and addressed the crowd with spiritual encouragement.

  • Buddhify Web App Promotes Calmer Urban Experience

    A Glasgow-based entrepreneur and digital innovator has launched a new web application for iPhone and Android smart phones intended to help people on the go learn to cope better with some of the struggles of city life.

  • People of the Byte
    Jews have long been the People of the Book. But as computers replace books and possibly libraries, museums, and universities, will they soon be the People of the Byte? If so, what will happen to their understanding of their history?
  • A Letter of Apology By Bhakti Vikasa Swami

    Bhakti Vikasa Swami`s letter to the ISKCON Community.

  • GBC Zonal Configuration Marches Forward
    It is the mandate of the GBC Strategic Planning Team to assist the Governing Body Commission in building a better future for ISKCON. In practice this requires solid visionary planning, the establishment of systems for the effective execution of those plans, and support of the GBC’s desire to offer both better leadership and clearer global coordination.
  • Indian Devotees Learn Communication Skills at Delhi Conference
    Forty-five skilled devotees from all over India attended the country’s regional ISKCON Communications Conference from October 7th to 14th this year, at Delhi’s grand Sri-Sri Radha Partha-Sarathi Mandir near the city’s Kailash residential area.
  • Grammy Nominee Releases A Kirtan Album Just for Kids
    With kirtan, the ancient call-and-response style of chanting God’s names, growing more and more popular all over North America and the world, kids are now getting their very own kirtan album.
  • Eat Quinoa To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

    Quinoa is native to South America. The pre-Columbian Incas saw it as a sacred food, calling it chisaya mama (mother grain). They planted the first seeds of the season in religious ceremonies using golden tools. Depriving the people of quinoa was one of the means the Spanish used to conquer the Incas.

  • Hindu American Internship on Capitol Hill, Summer 2012
    It's time for American resident undergraduate and graduate students to apply to the Hindu American Foundation's (HAF) Congressional Internship Program for Summer 2012.
  • The BBT Considering Printing a Third Edition of Teachings of Lord Caitanya
    The BBT is considering printing a third edition of Teachings of Lord Caitanya (TLC) and we'd like to hear the ISKCON devotees` thoughts.
  • First Ever ISKCON Temple Extends Plea For Help
    ISKCON could be in danger of losing its 26 2nd Avenue Center on New York’s Lower East Side—the place where Srila Prabhupada started his worldwide movement—due to financial difficulties. And its caretakers are extending a plea for help.
  • Coconut Water Shown To Significantly Reduce High Blood Pressure
    While doctors may be quick to write a prescription for blood pressure medication if your numbers are a little high, research shows coconut water is a highly effective natural remedy for lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
  • Time To Ditch Bad Leaders
    The “last of the buffoon dictators” was one correspondent’s take on the death of Muamar Gaddafi. With his numerous outlandish costumes, opulent palace and corps of female Amazonian bodyguards he certainly cut a colourful figure as he paraded on the world stage. But his record on human rights was a black one.
  • The What and The How
    Some years ago I was on pilgrimage in Vrindavan. I had come with a purpose, although, for the life of me, I didn’t know what that purpose was, at least I couldn’t articulate what it was.
  • Radhanath Swami Speaks At UK`s House of Commons
    At the House of Commons, on Tuesday 11th October 2011, Radhanath Swami addressed Members of Parliament and ministers together with the UK interfaith community to a private reception on “Spirituality and the Big Society”.
  • Volunteer Position Open in ISKCON Communications Service

    A position is open immediately to serve ISKCON as Executive Assistant to the Minister of Communications, Anuttama Dasa. The service will be performed at the ISKCON Communications (IC) offices at the Washington, D.C. temple, in suburban Maryland, USA.

  • "Convergence of Science and Spirituality" Conference in Delhi

    The two-day conference was hosted at the premises of the Sri Venkateswara College in South Campus of Delhi University on 5th and 6th of November, 2011. The initiative for the conference was taken by the Institute for Science and Spirituality (ISS), the scientific study wing of ISKCON Delhi.

  • Personal Reflections on the Sacred Bond of Marriage
    Lately at ISKCON News we’ve taken a look at how more second generation members of our society are taking their initiation vows, one of the most important “rites of passage” in our Vaishnava culture. There is another other important set of vows, however, which we share more closely with the contemporary culture in which we live—marriage vows.
  • New Vrindaban Organic Gardening Inspires Local Sustainability

    A New Vrindaban devotee’s efforts at organic gardening have inspired the general public, educational institutions, and leaders in the local town of Wheeling, West Virginia to support sustainability, eat local produce and consider spiritual motives for it.

  • Congregational Development Ministry Offers New E-Books

    ISKCON`s Congregational Development Ministry has e-Books available on their website. The following titles are on hand: Sri Godruma Kalpatavi, Free to Preach, The Nectar of Congregational Preaching and Super Sunday.

  • D.C. Devotees Encourage Their Son’s Individuality to Thrive in Homeschool
    When they encouraged their son Nimai to pursue his own interests while homeschooling, Washington D.C. husband and wife couple Vidarbha Suta Dasi and Lokadhyaksha Dasa saw his personality grow and his individual skills thrive exponentially.
  • Report from the Camino: Holy Walk in Spain
    Everything started eight years ago when Dharma Raja Das set out on an adventure with ISKCON youth groups of that time. The group walked 220 kilometers through the north of Spain, and was thoroughly inspired.
  • The Enemies of God
    Shaunaka Rishi Das, the Director of Oxford Center for Hindu Studies offered six prayers that had been broadcast on UK`s BBC Radio 4 on Diwali week. The programme slot attracts 4 million listeners.
  • "It Could Be You"
    We all know the famous saying; money is the root of all evil. There are now over 1 million compulsive gamblers in the US. For some, when it comes to gambling, enough is never enough, and the risk of greed and insatiable desires is uncomfortably high. When money is at stake, perfectly respectable citizens seem to have a spell cast over them.
  • Heal With Honey

    Honey is known for its many healing properties. Many believe that adding unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated honey to your daily diet can alleviate arthritis, reduce heart disease, lower cholesterol and reduce allergies.