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  • Pilgrimage to Travel Through Devon
    Hare Krishna devotees will be taking to the road and walking from town to town on a Pilgrimage for Peace (or padayatra) this springtime.
  • ISKCON: Kazakhstan Update
  • Nrsimha Stotram
    May there be good fortune throughout the universe, and may all envious persons be pacified. May all living entities become calm by practicing bhakti-yoga, for by accepting devotional service they will think of each other's welfare. Therefore, let us all engage in the service of the supreme transcendence, Lord Sri Krishna, and always remain absorbed in thought of Him.
  • Visitor to Mayapur Drowns in Bhagirathi After Saving Sister

    R. Harish Kumar Aiyar, a 30-year-old mechanical engineer with a Delhi company, drowned in the Bhagirathi yesterday after pulling his sister to safety. He and his family were visiting the ISKCON temple in Nadia's Mayapur.

  • 'Black Lotus' Celebrates Life of African-American Guru
    The biography of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami was released at a book signing at New York City's East-West Books on 28 February. Subtitled, "The Spiritual Journey of an Urban Mystic," the book traces His Holiness' path as a young man named John Favors from Princeton University, to the Civil Rights movement, to discipleship under His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and ultimately to his final role as a prominent spiritual leader of the worldwide Hare Krishna movement.
  • The Temple that Books Built
  • Memories of Suhotra Prabhu

    "Suhotraji never nibbled at life, he took huge bites that would choke a person with weaker digestion. Some people think he was eccentric, but I don't think he was. He would move in a particular direction, in a particular way . . ." Murari dasa, a resident of Mayapur, remembers his long-time friend.

  • Jewish Ritual Baths Attracting New Interest
    They used to be everywhere there were Jews. Mikvahs, ritual purification pools used by observant Jewish women, have been considered so important to Jewish communities that even a sacred Torah could be sold to build one.
  • Remembrance of Suhotra Prabhu

    His Holiness A.C. Bhaktivaibhava Swami Offers Homage to Suhotra Prabhu

  • ISKCON Takes Part in Puri Congress of Peace and Harmony
    ISKCON devotees from around the world won the hearts of Puri residents at the 'Congress for Peace and Harmony.' Mahadevi Dasi reports.
  • TV Chef Threatens Kids with Electrocution if They Go Veg
    The TV chef - famed for his tyrannical methods in the kitchen - said it would be his "worst nightmare" if his children turned their backs on eating meat, and joked that he would electrocute them as a punishment.
  • Films, Book Explore Mormons' Darkest Hour
    One hundred fifty years ago, a glorious September morning in the Utah mountains morphed into Mormonism's darkest hour when a skittish militia opened fire on a wagon train, leaving more than 120 men, women and children dead in a flowery field.
  • An Offer the CDM Couldn't Refuse

    When ISKCON's Congregational Development Ministry made their case at the Indian Continental Committee meetings, they got more than they bargained for. By Kaunteya Dasa

  • WEDDING: Drdhavrata Gorrick and Gandharvika Wilmes
    Gandharvika Wilmes and Drdhavrata Gorrick wed on 2 January 2007, at Sai Vishram Resort on the Arabian Sea at Baindoor, in Karnataka, South India.
  • Krishna Camp 'Burning Man' DVD Released

    The devotees of Krishna Camp at the Burning Man event in Black Rock create a thirty-foot-tall replica of the ancient temple of Lord Jagannatha at Puri, India, and conduct a unique Burning Man-style Rathayatra chariot procession in this new DVD release.

  • PASSAGES: Mukta Kesa dasa, 1947-2007
    Gradually the space between Mukta's breaths became longer and longer and it seemed he was going to leave soon. At around 9:35 or 9:36, he took his last breath. There was no more movement in his chest. We waited and waited for the next breath. Nothing. No more movement.Two small silver tears appear in the corners of Mukta's eyes. The kirtan softened. Mukta was unmoving. Gauranga Kishore was leading the chanting when Mukta departed.
  • BOOKS: BBT to Release Translation of Sri Krishna-Lila-Stava

    Srila Sanatana Goswami evokes remembrance of these pastimes by summarizing Sukadeva's narration in simple verses, a meditation he punctuates with 108 acts of respectfully bowing down. His verses give us a taste of Krishna's Vrindavan pastimes, one after another, thus immersing us in the nectar of the Bhagavatam.

  • Bringing Peace to Manipur

    MANIPUR (Kangla Online): A unique programme highlighting the importance of peace and ways and means of bringing it in the north eastern region of India, escpecially in Manipur, and generally in the whole world will be held in Manipur in the month of November this year (2007). The programme, an international peace conference, is expected to be attended by many important dignitaries including the President of India APJ Abdul Kalam and Nobel laureates from all over the world.

  • SM Seeks SF for Long Walks and Lots of Leafy Greens

    It's not easy being green. Just ask Eric Brent. A strict vegetarian, Brent, 40, founder of the vegetarian Web site, said he "did a lot of online dating" trying to find the perfect mate. And for him, that perfect mate had to be a vegetarian.

  • Creation-ism: A Search for the Divine in Tucson's Religious Art
    Hop on Interstate 19, drive for about 15 minutes and you'll end up at one of the biggest cultural monoliths this side of the U.S. The San Xavier del Bac Mission, a solitary white monument starkly contrasting the surrounding desert of the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation, is one of the finest representations of classic Spanish Catholic art outside of Mexico. It combines Byzantine, Moorish and late Mexican renaissance art to make worship not just a beautiful act of spirituality, but a beautiful act of creation as well.
  • The Good News About the Bad News
    Why, asks a reader, have new community churches had "such tremendous growth," while older denominational congregations show "declining church attendance?"
  • New Book Brings Together 10 Years of Thoughts on Faith, Meaning

    A new book based on interviews from the PBS program "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly" finds a spiritual hunger beneath the secular veneer of modern culture, with many searching for something beyond the material world.

  • Jews Revive the Sanhedrin With Plans for a Passover Sacrifice

    As Easter eclipses the last days of Passover this year, Christians will focus again on the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. The Sanhedrin, meanwhile, will literally attempt to resurrect the Passover sacrifice of old.

  • GUEST COMMENTARY: Loving Us Into Extinction

    (RNS) I have fond memories of growing up in my Southern Baptist church in Lexington, Ky. My father was a deacon, my mother taught Sunday school for 14 years, and - like all good Southern Baptists - we attended services on Wednesday nights and twice on Sunday. Several of our church leaders graduated from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in nearby Louisville.

  • Muslim Magazines Discover an Untapped Market
    Holding an American flag and wearing a bright-white grin beneath her head scarf, Wardaw Chaudhary, a 16-year-old from Tulsa, Okla., radiated confidence and optimism, the perfect cover girl to grace the first issue of Muslim Girl magazine.