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  • Congregation Development Course at Bhaktivedanta College

    Many lessons have been learned during ISKCON's transformation from temple-based to congregation-based communities.

  • INSIDE ISKCON: Tasty Jail Food Tempts Prisoners to Stay
    Inmates at a prison in southern India are eating so well that many are reluctant to leave, while other convicted criminals are trying to move in, a newspaper said Thursday.

    ISKCON, commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement, started serving prasadam—pure vegetarian sanctified fare— in the jail on May 21 under contract from the Parappana Agrahara prison in Bangalore.

  • KAZAKHSTAN: Authorities Demolish 12 More Homes in Hare Krishna Community
    The demolition of the homes began simultaneously in different areas of the summer colony. While the earth excavators were demolishing houses in one part of the village, workers destroyed the houses with sledgehammers and crowbars in another part. The earth excavators completed the work by leveling the houses to the ground.
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Crisis in Kazakhstan

    Karasai district officials brought busloads of laborers and police officers with them, indiscriminately taking crowbars and sledgehammers to the homes. They threw personal possessions out into the street, even as the horrified devotees pleaded with them and begged for mercy. Mechanical diggers then moved in, literally “crushing the houses to dust.”

    His Holiness BB Govinda Swami and Anuttama Dasa are in Washington, DC this week to raise awareness about the crisis in Kazakhstan, meeting with high-ranking US officials and human rights advocates. Govinda Swami is also collecting funds for the newly displaced devotees.

  • Jagannath Temple Reforms Result in Income Increases, Sale of Land
    The Sri Jagannath temple in Puri, India, has seen an increase in revenue over the past two years due to recent administrative reforms, but the temple also intends to dispose of tens of thousands of acres of land that is currently in unauthorized use by others.
  • At 68, Grandfather Starts New Life as a Catholic Priest
    Buono, a retired therapist and public school principal, says he decided to become a priest because he wanted to exert his energy in a meaningful, spiritual way after his wife died. And while he liked dating, he did not want to remarry.
  • German Court Clears Way for Visit by Sun Myung Moon

    A German court has ruled that the country's constitution does not allow it to block visits from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the head of the Unification Church. The ruling reflects a general softening of bans—if not public sympathies—toward religions seen as "fringe" in Germany. Berlin, for example, recently was required to grant official recognition to Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Book Trust Intensive Seminar Focuses on Communication, Teamwork
    "BBT is a worldwide entity with offices in five countries," said Jayadvaita Swami, one of seven BBT International trustees. "We meet several times a year and are in constant touch on email, but we still felt the need for training to better respond to the needs of our constituents and help us be a more effective team."
  • BLOG: The Walking Monk—Bhaktimarga Swami's 2007 CanWalk
    I started part two of CanWalk Number Three noticing the pool of blood.This is what the highway is—a place of living and moving travel but it is also a place of standstill, of frozenness and death. I am so impactfully reminded of this on this first day.
  • Diocese Builds Crematory as Cremation Acceptance Grows

    "This is what's happening today. This is the reality. It is the wave of the future," said Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Metuchen Diocese, which is building the crematory. "We're going along with what our Catholic population is looking for."

  • 'Walking Monk' Hits the Road for Third Cross-Canada Walk
    The walk begins each day at 4 or 5 a.m., and Swami spends about nine hours walking 45 kilometres per day. He carries with him a sack holding his meditation beads, and often chants and talks to the Creator along the way. The personable monk, who joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1973 and changed his name from John Vis, said he runs into a lot of cyclists and marathon runners, along with regular citizens curious about his exploits. “Walking in the summer, it‘s when people are out and about,” he said. “It‘s the real natural time to be there, and the really big part of this project is to meet people and get inspired . . . and to inspire.”
  • ISKCON CPO 'Empowers' Devotee Communities' Fight Against Child Sex Abuse and Violence

    The ISKCON Child Protection Office held a three-day child abuse safety training program the first week in May in New Vrindavana. Seven devotees, including teachers, Sunday School teachers and social workers, attended the training.

  • Grihastha Vision Team Holds Annual Meeting, Plans Training for Strengthening Marriage Bonds
    The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) held their annual meeting in Prabhupada Village, North Carolina, the last week of April. The 12-person team reviewed their year’s accomplishments and planned for the coming year. The future plans include rolling out a new schedule for the four-day VTE Grihastha Training Course, “Strengthening the Bonds that Free Us.”
  • ‘Centralization Critics Off Base,' Says GBC Leader
    Ravindra Svarupa Dasa addresses charges of 'centralization' in ISKCON in regard to the proposed new bylaws drafted for North American ISKCON temples at a meeting of ISKCON’s North American leadership on May 17, 2007 in Houston, Texas. "Various areas of misunderstanding and forgetfulness," he says, mark the opposition to the proposed bylaws in regard to the workings of management of ISKCON and its structure. Drawing on facts from a 1972 attempt at centralization, Ravindra Svarupa Dasa outlines how the current proposal differs, and how it is in fact in line with the original management structure established by ISKCON's founder-acharya.
  • BOOKS: Upcoming Release Looks at Four Decades of Growth and Change in ISKCON
    The Hare Krishna Movement: Forty Years of Chant and Change examines the changes and developments which have shaped ISKCON in the past 40 years. In essays by both leading ISKCON devotees and scholars of religion, it tracks ISKCON's history through a wide range of issues and themes, including the movement's own evolving self-perception.
  • CANADA: ISKCON Vancouver Turns Temple into a Forest of Devotion
    On May 26 the temple room of ISKCON Vancouver will be transformed into a sacred grove resembling Vrindavana, Lord Krishna's abode, as devotees celebrate the Maha Tulsi Puja Festival, or the "great Tulasi worship festival."
  • ISKCON: Joyful Devotees Parade Through Baltimore
    Chanting "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna," hundreds of believers of the Hindu sect dragged a crimson 30-foot-high chariot cloaked in sunflowers, carnations and roses. Wrapped in colorful clothing, they marched down Light Street yesterday afternoon and ended in the Inner Harbor, stalling traffic and drawing curious stares.
  • ISKCON: North American Leaders Explore Balance of Power, Share Best Practices
    More than thirty temple presidents, and a handful of Governing Body Commissioners, representing North American chapters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) gathered here on May 17 to kick off a three-day regional meeting. Organizers of the meeting hope to bring together the two facets of ISKCON's leadership in order to foster greater accountability and cooperation, and explicitly address the need for a balance of power.
  • ISKCON: Festival of Inspiration Enlightens and Entertains

    Enthusiasm seemed to float on the air—along with the yellow clay dust of the western world's most famous Hindu pilgrimage site—as devotees arrived by the car- and busload for a three-day weekend of Krishna conscious education, enlightenment, and good times.

  • KAZAKHSTAN: Human Rights Organizations Deliver Joint Statement on Fate of Krishna Community

    Another thirteen community houses are under the threat of being demolished and the Supreme Court ruling makes it possible for the authorities to confiscate the 116 acres of land at any moment. The IHF and HRWF urge the Kazakh authorities to strictly abide by the international human rights standards the country has committed itself to and to take all available measures to solve the case of the Hare Krishna community in a peaceful, fair and unbiased manner.

  • VAISHNAVISM: 'Tarnished' Month of Purushottama is Celebrated as Most Holy
    Being depressed due to her seemingly useless existence, the personified deity of this month approached Lord Narayana. This incident is described in the scriptures. She went to Narayana, asking, "What offense did I commit? No one is performing any pious activities during my time. Why?"
  • ISKCON: Mayor Gives Green Light to Moscow Temple
    The Moscow mayor has allocated land to the local unit of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) to build a temple despite objections by the Orthodox Christians who have threatened to renew their stir against the construction.
  • RELIGION NEWS: British Hindus Lobby to Save Condemned Sacred Bull
    Hindus in London are trying to prevent the slaughter of a sacred bull which has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis and which, according to government regulations, must be euthanized.
  • Foundation Stone Laid for new ISKCON Patna Temple
    While laying the foundation stone of a Radha Banke Bihari temple and Spiritual Center at the ISKCON temple in Patna on Saturday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that while all religions in the world preached peace for all, some people interpreted them in ways that were against the preaching of their religions.
  • Sport and the Spiritual
    When we see Wayne Rooney score a brilliant goal from an impossible angle, we admire his skill, and the Bhagavad-gita says that this is a manifestation of God. It is not that Wayne Rooney is himself God, of course, although some may argue the point.