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  • Catholic Priests Move Against Child Marriages in India

    By Achal Narayanan

    CHENNAI, India (RNS) Roman Catholic priests in some districts of West Bengal, India, have punished Christians who were found to be forcing minors into marriage.


    Catholics who allowed children to be married have even been excommunicated, according to a BBC News report from Kolkata. Their children have been denied baptism and the "guilty" families have been barred from attending church functions.

  • Deaths : K.C. Gupta, Leader of Hindu University of America

    Professor Kuldip C. Gupta, a founding member and president of Hindu University of America in Orlando, died Feb. 7 of a heart attack while traveling in Bombay, India. He was 66 years old.

  • A Man, An Ox, Caught Up in An 'Evil System'

    A 20-year-old ox on the farm, named Bala, was nearing the end of his natural life span and had become incapacitated. The usual procedure in such situations, which happen regularly on ISKCON farms all over the world, is to make the animal as comfortable as possible by supplying food, water, shelter, and pain medication when necessary, until death occurs of its own accord. IKSCON community members, including children and others who are well-known to the cow or ox, attend to the dying creature, chanting and praying and stroking it lovingly, until it draws its last breath. This practice is rooted in their theology, which honors the sanctity of all life, even that of an individual ox.

  • Man and Ox, Caught Up in An 'Evil System'

    "My job is not an easy one" said the veterinarian regretfully. His unwilling witness, Smita Krishna Swami, leader of Sweden's  ISKCON Almvik farm, was forced to take part in an act that, for him, was unthinkable. 

    The vet had just given a fatal injection to  a 20-year-old _______ox who was nearing the end of his natural life span and had become incapacitated. Such euthanizing of animals is forbidden in Vaishnavism   

  • Leading Questions

    Last week police questioned British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the second time in relation to the "cash for honours" allegations surrounding the government. He has already seen two of his close aides arrested in this connection and bookmaker William Hill shortened the odds of the same fate befalling him to just 7-1.

  • ENGLAND: Thousands of churches face closure in ten years

    by Ruth Gledhill, Religion CorrespondentThe London Times, February 10, 2007Thousands of churches face closure, demolition or conversion in the next decade, leading to the demise of some branches of Christianity in Europe, according to experts.

  • Recipe: Green Split-Pea Dal with Spinach and Coconut Milk

    Fresh spinach enhances and enriches the texture of this hearty soup. Serve with Lemon Rice for a delightful combination of taste and color. Soak the dal well in advance.

  • USA: Scientists Flex Political Muscle

    By Randy Dotinga/Wired News

    The biggest general science conference in the world is shaping up to be unusually political this year, with an emphasis on global warming and sustainability. There's even a workshop on how scientists can fight anti-evolutionists on local school boards.

  • Cutting Boards: Wooden or Plastic?
    "My chef friends and I have been arguing over what is safer to use wooden or plastic cutting boards. What do you use, Kurma?"
  • Assignment: Analysis: Choosing Religious Identity

    Read the article on religious identity and write an article based on its themes (plus others that may be relevant to ISKCON), that approaches the subject from a devotee perspective and reflective of devotee concerns. 

    Some (of many possible )points to consider and  develop: 

    Devotee-born teens exploring other faiths, or adopting them. What are the benefits, pitfalls, conflicts that may generate? 

    When a spouse chooses to distance him/herself from ISKCON.

  • Rajamundry
  • Thoughts on 'Back To Prabhupada'

    Not so long ago, I read a magazine that arrived in my letterbox. I had an hour to spare during my daughter's Indian dance class and wanted to study its pages so that I could properly reply to the sender. Back to Prabhupada was sent to me by someone who espouses the ritvik doctrine, the conclusion that since Srila Prabhupada is the spiritual master of every ISKCON member, that consequently there should be no other initiations or gurus.

  • For Many Americans, Religious Identity Is No Longer a Given

    When Aurora Turk was growing up in Mexico City, being Catholic was a given. "It was taught to me by the nuns at school and my mother at home," she recalled. "My whole world was Catholic.

    But Turk's adult life has been marked by religious exploration. Married to a Brooklyn-born Jew, the 38-year-old mother now follows the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian spiritual teacher; she and her husband plan to raise their infant son in the Self-Realization Fellowship, a group founded by Yogananda, at their home in Springfield, Va.

  • Confused Confessors: Probe Discloses Clergy’s Diverging Views

    The major Italian weekly magazine L'espresso has published a piece of investigative journalism on how Catholic priests handle their confessions; the Vatican became enraged at the disclosures.

  • From the Head to the Heart

    Have you ever read or heard some transcendental knowledge, particularly something you are familiar with, and thought to yourself, "I already know that," and turned your mind off to it?

  • ISKCON Members Bracing for Next Round of Attacks

    Kazakhstan continues aggression against minorities, ignores international outcry

  • NIGERIA: Devotee Martial-Arts Experts Create Stir At Lagos Party

    By Akatu Ajonye

    LAGOS, NIGERIA: Not a little stir was caused recently when a team of Karate experts was ushered in to entertain guests at a party in Lagos. Venue was the prestigious Q-Club on Allen Avenue, in Ikeja, Lagos. The event, tagged 'Start- of-the-Year Party,' was organised by the Gauranga Foundation, a non-governmental organisation with interest in the development of music in Nigeria.

  • INDIA: CII seeks revision in National Youth Policy

    Young Indians (Yi), an arm of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has organised the 3rd Young India National Summit 2007 on February 2 and 3, 2007 which aims to be the voice of young Indians globally and provide them a platform to realise the dream of a developed India. The four-year-old movement is made up of 14 chapters across the country, with 750 members aged 25-40.

  • ISKCON Inaugurates New Temple at Tirupati

    The grandeur of the three-storeyed temple is arresting. According to Revathi Ramana Das, director of the temple, Rs 25 crore was spent on building the temple, largest ISKCON temple in the country.

  • Yoga causes controversy in American public schools

    Some parents say it violates the separation of church and state

    Dave Hunt, who has traveled to India to study yoga's roots and interview gurus, called the practice "a vital part of the largest missionary program in the world" for Hinduism. The Bend, Ore., author of "Yoga and the Body of Christ: What Position Should Christians Hold?" said that, like other religions, the practice has no place in public schools.

  • Books: Hinduism Textbook by Satyaraja Dasa Published

    Greenwood Press, one of the world's leading publishers of reference titles and academic texts, released a new textbook on Hinduism last week.  Written by independent scholar Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa), it is the final volume of a six-part series called Introduction to the World's Major Religions.

  • Russell Brand Battles Sex, Drugs with Help of ISKCON

    Hairy Krishna ... beardy Russ as a followerHairy Krishna ... how Russ, below, could look

  • Vegetarians Protest Eggs in Lunch Program

    Veggies to hold rally on Monday Saturday January 20 2007 12:33 IST BELGAUM: Vegetarians of the city protested against the State Government's move to provide eggs to the students of primary school, here on Thursday.

  • ISKCON bomb attack suspects identified

    IMPHAL: The state police have identified the suspects involved in the ISKCON blast of August 16 which had resulted in the death of six devotees and the maiming of dozens of others.
    The director general of police, Manipur, AK Parashar, informed this during an interaction with senior media representatives at the 1st Manipur Rifles this morning. The DGP, however declined to give details, as it may adversely affect the ongoing police investigations into the case.He however said the police were biding their time to arrest the responsible culprits.

  • ISKCON takes part in World Religions Conference

    VANCOUVER, CANADA The 19th annual World Religions conference was held in New Westminster, British Columbia this past Sunday January 14th 2007. Delegates from various major religious denominations such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism were present to address the topic "God Solution" Bhava Das (ACBSP) from ISKCON was invited to represent Hinduism.