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Fiji Pioneer Bhuvan Mohan Dasa Passes On
By Navina-Shyama Dasa   |  May 29, 2010

The funeral of Karsanji Punja, initiated by Srila Prabhupada as Bhuvan Mohan Dasa and founder of ISKCON Fiji, was held in Lautoka, Fiji on May 24.

Close friend Bir Krishna Swami remembers the ISKCON founder instructing Bhuvan Mohan to preach in the Pacific island.

“From the early days of Krishna consciousness in Fiji, Bhuvan Mohan along with his dear brother Vasudeva and their respective families sacrificed everything to please Srila Prabhupada. It is because of their efforts that we are now are able to engage in pure devotional service in Fiji,” he said.

Swami has fond memories of Bhuvan Mohan’s affection toward him as well.

“Everytime I visited Fiji, he was there willing to assist in whatever way that he could. Even when he was disabled, he would take the trouble to go to the airport to pick me up or see me off. He was always thinking of serving Krishna and His devotees,” he said.

Bhuvan Mohan was also well-known to Fiji residents as one of the founding directors of Punja and Sons Limited.

“Karsanji Punja set up the first Punja and Sons store in Cuvu, Sigatoka. From there the company expanded and now it is one of the biggest companies in Fiji and the South Pacific, providing employment to hundreds of people,” said Swani Maharaj, Fiji Chamber of Commerce president.

“His passing away is a great loss to Fiji, its business community, and the spiritual organization he belonged to,” concluded Maharaj.

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