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Finnish Devotee Scholar at University of Pune
By Ranga Devi Dasi   |  May 23, 2014

Finland is considered to be one of the top countries in the world what comes to education and one of the policies of Finnish government is to export education.

Tattvavada das was invited to participate a group which consisted of well-respected Finnish professors and PhDs from Tampere, Turku and East-Finland (Joensuu) universities.

Main lectures were held in Pune and Mumbai and they were arranged by the university of Pune, ISSR (Indian Institute for Science, Research and Education) and CCE (Council for Creative Education).


Tattvavada Das (right) in the midst of Finnish scholars and devotees at the Mumbai Govinda Restaurant

Tattvavada dasa’s lecture was titled ‘Education, Esthetics and Leadership – ancient India approach’ and they were performed to a full hall consisting well-respected professors, educators and PhDs in the field of education and philosophy, too. Tattvavada’s lecture was greatly appreciated amongst the audience. After the lecture the professors of education and philosophy discussed still about 1.5 hours with Tattvavada enquiring more about the topic.

In the evening a dinner was served in a hotel with Indian v.i.p quests. Some of the government representatives also participated and they said to Tattvavada that his lecture was exactly what they liked to hear. 

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