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Fire Heavily Damages Hindu Temple in Lake Wales
By Paul Crate   |  Jun 22, 2012

LAKE WALES, Florida, USA – Fire crews got the blaze under control, but the house of worship for local Hare Krishna devotees was gutted by an early morning fire Wednesday.

The fire broke out sometime before 6:20 a.m. at the Shri Radha Krishna Temple at 1342 State Road 60 W., according to Lake Wales Fire Department reports.

There were no injuries. The temple, which was unoccupied at the time, was heavily damaged.

Mohini Patel – wife of Kulin Patel, the president of the organization – said 42 silk robes and all of the precious and semiprecious metal and stone jewelry worn during the group’s services were destroyed in the blaze.

The building cannot be used for services, and Patel did not know Wednesday where the group was going to have them.

She said she had been told the fire started in the clothing closet, but she has no idea how it started.

Several statues placed in front of the sanctuary were not destroyed, but were heavily charred.

Patel and other devotees removed them after the scene was cleared by Detective Stacy McIntyre with the Division of the State Fire Marshal, Fire and Arson Investigations.

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