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Food for Life Global Moving Offices to Australia

By: for on Nov. 6, 2014

Food for Life Global Inc, the headquarters for the world’s largest food relief is moving its headquarters to Melbourne, Australia. 

The non-profit will continue as usual but with the functions and services now running from Australia. All international affiliations will continue as before.

Director of the project, Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das) is an Australian citizen and will continue to direct the new organization and will be joined by ISKCON Australian communications director, Reverend Albert Lange (Bhakta Das), and PAWS director, David Reynolds (Devaprastha das).

“We are very excited for this new development, because Australia not only has one of the fastest growing vegan demographics in the world, but ISKCON, the organization primarily responsible for FFL’s growth has over 20 successful restaurants and numerous catering projects serving millions of meals every year here,” said Turner.

ISKCON Australia was founded in 1970 and the first example of a Hare Krishna Food for Life kitchen was launched in Sydney in 1979 where Krishna monks fed homeless people in Sydney’s Kings Cross district.

“The roots of what we now know as Food for Life started in Australia so it is more than appropriate to have the headquarters here,” said Bhakta das. “Everything will remain “business as usual”, we are just changing our location and with the public goodwill we have garnered here we hope to grow Food for Life Global even more,” he said.

US donors of the non-profit can continue making their tax deductible donations through Food for Life Global’s partner, A Well Fed World based in Washington DC. Donations to A Well Fed World can be specifically marked for “AWFW – FFL vegan food distribution.”

Sponsors and Partners can continue in the same way, by supporting Food for Life Global through our partnership with A Well Fed World.

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